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It’s a cold, stormy Friday night, and we’re every which kind of annoyed at these stupid 7:00 starts, because we both wanted to take long naps this evening, and we find ourselves now awake and in front of our TV about a half an hour earlier than we wanted to be. For the Caps. If the Devils don’t play better than they did last time these two teams met, it’s not going to be pretty.

Our broadcast kicks off with a Salvador highlight extravaganza. Pookie perks up out of her rant about how abused she is by her coworkers and their passive-aggressive approach to working Saturdays to chirp, “Iron Boar!” Doc and Chico don’t call him that. We’re crushed.

Also: it’s Rupper’s 200th game as a Devil. No way.


20:00 We have a Salvador sighting! A savior is about to ascend! Or… something.

18:25 The Madden line spends their first shift in the Caps zone. That is more offensive-zone possession than the Devils had in their last two games combined.

17:50 Huet makes a stop on a nice rush by Patty, and Boomer sits down just as Doc is calling the play. “I guess Doc and Chico aren’t buying this ‘Hewitt’ thing,” she snarks about Tuesday’s announcement that Huet was Americanizing the pronunciation of his name.


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Since the moment we heard the news of the big Janssen trade on Tuesday morning, we’ve been eagerly awaiting Bryce Salvador’s appearance in the Devils lineup. For starters, conventional wisdom says you can’t really consider yourself a serious Cup contender until you’ve got nine D-men, which we do now, so that’s a big positive. But another thing we’ve been looking forward to is the possibility that our newest guy has a kick-ass nickname. We’re not great at bestowing nicknames ourselves, you see, so we’re often stuck, while writing game diaries, having to fall back on the typically lame nicknames that permeate our favorite sport, and especially our favorite team. Colin White is “Whitey”. Andy Greene is “Greener”. Hell, half our team just gets nicknamed their first names: Marty, Zach, Travis, Patty, Paulie. Sheesh. The Devils don’t even seem to be trying. Well, as we were biding our time, waiting for the big Salvador unveiling, we got to discussing, in IM, what we hoped he’d be called.

Schnookie: I’m betting his nickname is “Scrap Iron”.
Pookie: I’m going for “Death To Flying Objects”.
Schnookie: “The Iron Boar”! “Battleship Bryce”! Or “Battleaxe Bryce”. Or just “Battleaxe”.
Pookie: I say “Ballerina Bryce”. “Bubbling Backward Bryce”.
Schnookie: “No Surrender Salvador”.
Pookie: “No Quarter Salvador”. He’d naturally turn that into “No Quadrant Salvador”.
Schnookie: He’ll fit right in as “No Quadrant Salvador”.
Pookie: “Bryce-K”!
Schnookie: I love it!
Pookie: “The Canyon”.
Schnookie: “The Canyon”?
Pookie: Bryce. Bryce Canyon.
Schnookie: Ah.
Pookie: No?
Schnookie: Well… it was lost on me, but… we don’t share a brain or anything…
Pookie: You’re stupid.
Schnookie: “The Mermaid”! Just kidding. That’s Marty.
Schnookie: “The Grist Grinder”.
Schnookie: “Hey You! New Guy!”
Schnookie: “Not-Rachunek”.
Schnookie: “The Reaper”.
Schnookie: “The Guy Who Wears 24 Now”.
Pookie: “Not Stevenson”! “Not-Odelein”!
Schnookie: “The Manitoba Mangler”.
Pookie: “The Manitoba Rocket”.
Schnookie: I think we’re setting ourselves up for a fall with that one.
Pookie: I like “The Iron Boar”.
Schnookie: Me too.

Thanks to Tom Gulitti’s investigative journalism today, we need IM about this topic no more. Salvador’s nickname, shockingly, is “Sal”. Um, TG? We think there’s a typo there. You forgot the “The Iron Boar” part. His nickname is “Sal, The Iron Boar”, right?

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IPB’s Poetry Minute

After yesterday’s double-header of monster posts, we’re taking tonight a little lighter. Gentle Reader, have some haikus!

Cam Janssen is gone
Our hearts swell with joyousness.
Leave the hits to Rupp.

Senators coach kill
First-place team fires Paddock.
Julien smiles.

Trade deadline passes.
Earthquake thunderclaps and fear
then, tranquility.

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And so, Gentle Reader, the trade deadline has come and gone, and there’s… not much different about the Devils. Sure, we’ve railed in this space about wanting a shakeup, or wanting Lecavalier (seriously, how did the Lightning not jump at the chance to have a few of our extra D-men?), or wanting moon particles to be named later in exchange for Gio, but now that it’s all over, we’re pretty cool with it. Because the looming specter of Janssen ruining the season is now a looming specter in St. Louis, and we’re back to the regular things that ruin Devils seasons (like “lack of scoring”, “tired goaltending”, and “roster-wide apathy”). It feels so nice to be back to normal.

Okay, perhaps “normal” isn’t the right word, unless you consider having nine (9) defensemen normal. We will spend all evening being delighted with Sutter’s quote on Tom Gulitti’s blog, about how he’s going to deal with having 9 D-men by skating “three pairs of three”. Just to drive the point home about how ridonk the Devils blue line is, here’s FSN’s graphic showing us our D-pairings… and extra pairing… and spare D-man to go after that.

Defensive Lineup


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It’s finally upon us, this most manic of frenzied days, this wild free-for-all that is the NHL trade deadline. And like any reputable news source, we’re going to be here every step of the way, offering you, Gentle Reader, with all the fast-breaking news. Of course, because this is the interwebs, and breaking news becomes universally known within ten seconds, the fact that we have, at best, third-, fourth- and fifth-hand sources is totally not important. And the fact that we are not full-time Tradeologists is also not important. The point is that we are on the case, reporting everything as it happens, rounding up to the nearest half hour after it is either brought to us in comments or emails by friends who are keeping closer tabs on everything than we are, or after it posts on Kukla’s Korner, because we totally can’t get TSN.ca to load at work. Oh yeah, and did we mention we’re at work? Because we might get busy and not be able to update every half hour. Don’t miss it! The best Part-Time Trade Deadline Mania on the interwebs!

10:09 a.m. As far as we can tell, nothing is happening yet. Unless you consider Mike Comrie re-signing with the Islanders “something”. Which we don’t.

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‘Twas the night before the trade deadline, and IPB’s minds were gathering some wool.

1. Gentle Reader, there is a chance you are not aware that the Devils spent the last 24 hours leading the Eastern Conference. There was a time not too long ago that we were booking our tickets for the Good Ship Lottery Pick. Mind you, we’re not putting that cruisewear away just yet, because you never can tell, but let’s just say we’re maybe hoping those tickets are transferable for next season.

2. Gentle Reader, there is a chance you are not aware that the New York Times has a hockey blog, called Slap Shot. It’s actually pretty snazzy, as it covers all kinds of hockey stuff, even college and international leagues. Today Slap Shot unveiled a new project in which they’re asking bloggers a series of questions, with a representative from every team. It appears our invitation seems to be at the dead letter office with our playoff tracker. Harumph! Well, since you didn’t ask, Gray Lady, here are our answers:

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Good evening, Gentle Reader! Enjoy this open thread while we watch Brian “Soupy” Campbell skate his last game in a Sabres uniform.

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