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Carrot Fronds

I went out first thing to take pictures, figuring the carrot fronds might look cool after the hours-long torrential downpour we got early in the morning. The threat of drizzling or more hung heavy in the air. Like, literally. It was so humid the lens fogged up terribly. So I took four or five really crappy pictures and skittered back inside.

Since I had time to kill before leaving for the night shift and no one to chat that time away with, I took to processing this photo in Picnik. I applied about 80,000 different layers to it, including an effect called VampiraScope, only to get something that still looks pretty much like I took a crappy picture of carrot fronds through a fogged up lens. But, I guess the VampiraScope did transform them into Bunnicula carrots, so there’s that, right? — Pk.


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September 29 2010

After the hand-quilting class I left one of the practice muslin-batting sandwiches in its hoop on the dining room table. Rollie decided it made a nice little nest for her this evening while Boomer and I trimmed up some more pies and tarts. My jury duty experience finally came to an end today, with a very satisfactory ending. Schnookie was totally right — jury duty rawks. — Pk.

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Swirly Clouds

I had a long, long, boring day at jury duty today, and I think I’m getting a cold. All I wanted to do when I got home was lie down and die but Schnookie was all, “Hey, go take pictures of the pretty sky!” I’m glad she was a cruel taskmaster, though, because the sky was quite lovely. — Pk.

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September 27 2010

It was a lazy, cozy rainy (but awfully muggy) night here at stately Maple Hoo (after a day that was finally rainy from morning ’til night!), so we had a lazy photo challenge. Here, Favre naps on my bed in the glow of the funky lamp I picked up on a photo jaunt to Asbury Park. — Pk.

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September 26 2010

Today we took a class at Pennington Quilt Works to learn how to hand quilt. It was so much fun and now we can’t wait to get started on real projects (ones that would be more exciting than the practice muslin sandwich pictured here)!

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September 25 2010

Finding an instance of raw sienna for the Sixty Four Colors Flickr photo project seemed like it might be a toughie, until we discovered Boomer’s little antique metal soldier/actuary was exactly that color. Or was at one point.

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September 24 2010

We had busy days today, some better than others — Pookie had to go back to work instead of jury duty, which meant she got to participate in the farewell party activities for ET, and Schnookie had the most miserable farm experience ever. Then there was much napping and stitching and watching Dr. Quinn, so the only thing we got a picture of was our baking adventure. This is an unfrosted version of a mallomar-type cookie from a Martha Stewart cookbook.

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