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Dude, is it just us or is there really nothing to say about the Devils these days?


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We just raced back from the sleighbell sale, where we enjoyed a bone-deep chill while photographing various and sundry Living History Farm animals. So what could be better to warm us up than some hawt, hawt Devils/Trannies action?

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We are, by principle, extremely opposed to the idea of third jerseys. But you know what? We love, love, love the Blue Jackets’ new third jerseys. WE LOVE THEM. ::CANNON BOOM!!!::

P.S. They could be improved if Stinger was shooting out of the cannon, but we’ll take what we can get.


We take it all back about wishing Stinger was in the new logo. TAKE IT ALL BACK! Because Amy brought this to our attention:


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It’s a full, delicious slate of hockey on Thanksgiving Eve, and we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the things we’re thankful for.

— Hockey! No matter how badly the season’s going for the Devils, it’s still great to have hockey on TV every night.

— Stuffins!


— That if the Devils were only going to have a scant few wins by this point in the season, at least they made sure one of them was a 5-0 romp over the Caps.

— Super Mario Brothers Wii, and a four-day weekend to play it during.

— Cranberry sauce in the shape of the can on our good china.

Cranberry Sauce

— The Devils’ very own miniature giraffe.

— In a season of really lousy Devils hockey, our secondary teams!

— And our tertiary teams!

— In that vein, the Blue Jackets’ Golden State Sweep!

— Christmas decorations in Palmer Square in Princeton today.

Ribbon Swagging

— The sleigh bell sale at Howell Living History Farm.

Loose Bells

— Did we mention hockey?

— All of our family and friends, in person and online. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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Monday Night Open Thread

Devils vs. Caps! Trannies vs. Habs (with possible bloodletting)! Stars vs. Leafs! Adorable little Blue Jackets vs. Preds! Pookie’s working late tonight! How will we all keep up? It makes a girl’s head spin! Join us for a surprisingly jam-packed Monday night open thread!

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During yesterday’s wackadoodle Flyers/LightningBOLTS! game we had a conversation that may have unlocked the secret to what’s wrong with the Devils. It all started when the score was 5-4 with five minutes still left in the first period…

Pookie: “In my experience, it is guaranteed that there is someone in the crowd there tonight who brought a friend to their first hockey game. And that friend is, right now, going, ‘Holy shit! This sport is awesome!'”

‘Tis true, Gentle Reader. Isn’t that how everyone’s first hockey game goes? Anyway, later, when the score was 7-7, Schnookie began to lament that Brian Boucher was going to get Bobloblawski’s starting job, which would sink her fantasy team…

Pookie: “I don’t think any goalie is in danger of losing his job as a result of a game like this one.”


Pookie: “After all, this isn’t Peter Laviolette’s first game.”

Schnookie: “Unlike Johnny Mac.”


Schnookie: “I bet he’s got no short-term memory.”

Pookie: “Yup. He’s got to have the Devils entire playbook tattooed on his body.”


Pookie: “Of course, this means when he takes off all his clothes, he looks just like that guy in those “free money”, federal grants commercials.”

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Please do join us for an open thread of hawt Devils/Leafs action! And if the Devils manage to do anything more interesting than just comment-worthy, we might even make a post of it! If they don’t do anything especially interesting, we’ll just keep sitting here dreaming of totchos.

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