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Wreck In The Snow

It’s the Devils!


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Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas from everyone at stately IPB Manor to all of you!

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This Devils season has had two consistent patterns: one, the Devils go out on the ice for a game and lose terribly, and two, we turn to Fire & Ice every morning looking for a post titled “John MacLean Fired” only to get 16 posts with variations of “MacLean Frustrated With Team, Lines Shuffled, Langenbrunner Skips Practice Again”. So it was with low expectations that we checked the headlines today. But in what can only be seen as a shout-out to yesterday’s post, what should before our wondering eyes appear? “Devils Coach John MacLean Fired, Jacques Lemaire Back as Interim Coach”!!! Hockey Gods bless us! Hockey Gods bless us all!

Seriously, it’s like Lou saw the most exciting thing going on for us what the impulse-bought packet of broomcorn and then decided to take us up on that implied challenge. Our future homemade broom was all Lou needed to decide to finish up the last bit of his Monte-Cristo-ian revenge plot against Johnny Mac. Fired two days before Christmas in a season where any other coach failing that badly would be fired in mid-November? Bet he wishes he’d never demanded that trade, eh?

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Exciting News!!!

Just kidding. There’s no exciting news about the Devils. Unless “they still suck” counts as exciting. Nope, the closest thing we have to exciting is that we started seed shopping today. This coming summer we’re going to grow two types of Sestito Puente peppers, and we’re going to grow brooms. Let’s see if the Devils can top that kind of thrill-a-minute activity when the holidays are over.

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Worst Fox Ever

Mr Fox Is Fantastic

We remember back in the day, when we were wee bairns as hockey fans, hearing someone describe Jacques Lemaire (still in his first go-round with the Devils, and well before he was in the “overstaying his welcome in his first go-round with the Devils” phase of his career) as being crazy like a fox.

It’s pretty obvious that John MacLean is also crazy like a fox.

Mangy Mrs Fox

Unfortunately he’s crazy like a mangy fox that eats the bread crusts we tossed in our backyard.

In other “animals that live in and around stately IPB Manor” news, we watched “The A-Team” last night. Yes, the recent movie A-Team, not the vintage TV show A-Team. We expected it to be truly horrible, and consequently ended up being pleasantly surprised by it only being mostly horrible. Perhaps our opinions of it were skewed just a bit though, when, early in the film, Schnookie said, “I think Rollie could have written this.”

December 17 2008

Rollie, doing the stretching exercises she learned at a recent writers retreat

Pookie agreed: “Yes, I think one mildly retarded cat with 100 typewriters definitely wrote this movie.” Perhaps the Devils want to hire her to rework their playbook?

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Devils! Predators! Open Thread!

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December 15 2010

Well, this sucks.

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