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OK, OK, are you sitting down? How’s this — imagine you’re watching a game that’s gone to a shootout. The shootout is tied after three attempts. Do you want to see a fourth lame attempt at yet another forward shooting at the goalie? Or do you want to see… wait for it… a goalie race?! WE KNOW! Brendan Shanahan, ball’s in your court.


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Devils/Wings Open Thread

You guys, there is snow, sleet, and thunder and lightning pelting stately IPB Manor. It’s like the apocalypse, but wintry. Is this a sign that the Devils have completely given up on getting the first overall pick? Is it a sign that we should be happy about that? Or is it just coincidence? We have no idea.

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So, here we are on a Saturday night, watching random hockey (Canes/Pens? Really? Her?), chugging two bottles of wine, and we’ve had a brilliant idea. The idea came out of a long and seriously analytical discussion of those beer commercials where the bitchy hot-chick bartenders put down dorky guys who don’t drink the appropriate shitty beer. We hate those commercials. Violently. So Pookie, who mans the zapper, suggested that she would like nothing more than a DVR/tivo option where you can hit the “thumbs down” button on a commercial that you just can’t stand, and it’ll replace it with one of those hilarious Old Spice ads. Schnookie thought perhaps that was stacking the deck unfairly in Old Spice’s favor, so a more realistic idea could be that you would also be able to hit the “thumbs up” button on commercials you like. Then, when a “thumbs down” ad comes on, your DVR/tivo box would know to replace it with a “thumbs up” spot that’s in current rotation. Why can’t this happen? Get on it, TV industry. *Hic*

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WOOOOO! It’s a huge-ass Saturday of hockey! With Devils and Trannies playing each other! Yay!

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Remember last year when we exposed the true, shocking story of Sestito Puente’s sordid past as a pepper smuggler on the rough Canada/US border? Well, you had to know that we’d pursue that story to its absolute farthest conclusion — growing and eating Sestito Puente cayenne peppers.

We planted our cayennes last winter with the notion percolating in our heads that we’d take lots of pictures of them as they grew, to be able to document the entire process for our Gentle Readers. Then we neglected to take a single picture of our Sestito crop. Not even one. Not when they sprouted, not when they turned from seedlings into plants, not when they were transplanted into the garden, not when they turned into waist-high bushes, not when they got elegant white flowers on them, not when the flowers budded into tiny green cayenne peppers, and not when the cayennes grew and ripened into 10-inch long, fire-engine red hot peppers. Because we’re lame. This is what it kind of looked like, though:

Jalapeno Seedlings

Sestito Puente would spit on these ordinary jalapenos. He would never stoop so low as to carry these seeds over international borders.

Staking Day Pepper

Every Devils fan knows that Sestitos (if that’s what these peppers are, which they’re not) are slow developers.

Nardello Flowers

Sestito flowers are far, far prettier than the hideous flowers of lesser peppers. You’ll have to take our word for it.

July 6 2010

Sestito dreams big dreams of someday being able to be on one of those NHL Network commercials where the “sweat beads” are sprayed on the outside of his helmet.

Jalapeno Poppers

Sestito doesn’t know what we think we’re doing with this jalapeno shit. Real Sestito peppers will kick your ass. There’s no Sestito Popper, man.

So, the entire lifecycle of our Sestito Puente cayennes came and went, and then we set our harvest of beautiful red hot peppers to dry on a tray in our counter. Finally, this week, the time came to make something of them.

Dried Sestito

Behold the bounty of Sestito!

Schnookie has a long history of handling, crushing and grinding hot peppers, so she slapped on some rubber gloves and crushed a sample pepper. It didn’t seem too violent, so she just dug into the rest. Big mistake. Sestito Puente might look harmless, but he’s anything but. Oh, the sneezing! The coughing! The screaming, burning pain in the mucous membranes! Sestito Puente should be weaponized.

January 17 2011

An actual, homegrown Sestito Foodstuff.

As an airborne element Sestito Puente cayenne peppers pack a mighty wallop, but how do they taste? We conducted a “pepper flake directly on the tongue, unadorned” taste test pitting Sestitos against Penzeys Spices medium-hot crushed red pepper flakes, and the results were stunning. The Penzey’s flakes were fruity and mild, with a nice, warm, balanced kick. Sestito Puente’s flakes? Take no prisoners. They’re insanely potent, rocket hot, and pretty much the zestiest thing going. Just like Sestito Puente the man.

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So Pookie’s having her usual late shift at the library today, and Schnookie’s home moping about how crappy her dumb job has been lately and how one day off is hardly enough, so what could possibly make this day better? A Devils/Islanders game! Woo hoo!

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The last post was starting to look like the piles of dirty, slushy snow everywhere in NJ, so here’s a fresh sheet of new thread for Friday’s hawt, hawt action!

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