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A co-worker gave Pookie a Devils-a-Day calendar for Christmas. Today’s “fun” fact was all about Nic Havelid’s first game as a Devil. If that doesn’t scream “Devils-Islanders game”, we don’t know what does.


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We interrupt our constant stream of hockey blogging content with this important update: the residents of stately IPB Manor all took a day off today to head into New York City to see “Infinite Variety”, the stunning red-and-white quilt exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory.

Infinite Variety Quilt Show

Stairway to Quilt Heaven

The Devils might be missing the playoffs this year, but you know what? The world is still a beautiful place. Maybe next year the Armory can have an exhibit of red, white and black quilts instead.

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We may have stopped believing, but what the heck, let’s watch some Devils-Pens anyway.

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Today at work Schnookie had a lively, wide-ranging conversation about hockey with a colleague who self-describes as a Devils fan. Typical of conversations with near-strangers at this time of year, Schnookie struggled on the subject of how much she should or shouldn’t hate the Flyers, and struggled to convey to the near-stranger how much they should hate the Caps. Eventually, after tiptoeing around the subject of why “Flyers/Rangers” is not as good an example of a playoff series in which there are no winners as, say, “Caps/Rangers”, Schnookie got the coworker to concede that there are Flyers players she would like to have on the Devils. The conversation just got weird from there:

Schnookie: “Like Beak– Mike Richards?”
Coworker: “No, not him…”
Schnookie: “Like Claude Giroux?”
Coworker: “No, not him…”
Schnookie: “Braydon Coburn??”
Coworker: “No — Jeff Carter!”
Schnookie: Leeringly, “Ooh, with his blond hair and white teeth?”
Coworker: Protesting too much, “No, I want him for his skills!”
Schnookie: “Yeah, like I’ve never said that before.”
Coworker: “No! I think he’s good! We need him for the Devils!”
Schnookie: “Well, I’d definitely want him on the Devils, but Parise and Kovalchuk are both goalscorers. In this imaginary Flyers dispersal draft, I think I want a playmaker. Like Beak– Richards.” [Shifty eyes. This is totally a hockey-related choice.]
Coworker: “Who was the playmaker who used to be with the Devils? We need that guy back.”
Schnookie: Disgusted, “Scott Gomez?”
Coworker: Equally disgusted, “No! He was done even before he left. No… who was the other guy?”
Schnookie: “???”
Coworker: “You know who I want back for the Devils? RACHUNEK!”
Schnookie: Dumbfounded.
Coworker: Beams.
Schnookie: Completely uncertain of how to respond to Rachunek and changing the subject, “You know who I want back? Pandolfo.”
Coworker: Elated, “Yes! HE was a playmaker!”

Apparently, Gentle Reader, PandoNation never even realized what it had.

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Dude, a 5:00 game on a Sunday? Who do the Devils think they are? The Ducks? Anyway, here’s an open thread.

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Dear Hockey Gods,

Please don’t let this be the Devils’ [::cue ominous music::] Date With Destiny. Please let it be another joyous St. Patrick’s Day for Devils fans. Let’s keep up the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day becoming essentially just a Devils holiday, okay?

Hugs and Kisses,
The Ookies

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What the fuck? We got settled in front of the TV a bit late tonight, and what do we find? LOW-DEF? BOOOOO! Come on, Devils — overcome these technical horribleness! You can do it!

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