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Dear Hockey,

So… you were supposed to be here by now, weren’t you? Looking back at this time of year last year, we seemed to be in an endless tizzy of excitement at every glimpse we got of you. First we were going nuts about seeing preseason games on TV, then it was all, “Yay, NHL opening night!”, and then it was the thrill of the first full-slate Saturday, and so on and so on. But this year? We kind of haven’t noticed you’re not around.

Look, hockey. We love you. We’re always going to love you, and you’re always going to take horrible advantage of that. We’re not so stupid that we don’t realize that this relationship is a one-way street. We’ve been through a lockout before, and while it was excruciating, humiliating, and painful, it was also a learning experience. And you know what lesson we took away from it? That we can live without you. Seriously, hockey, last time we spent an entire non-existent hockey season writing a fictional account of what could have happened if you hadn’t left us, which is the fan equivalent of standing on your lawn holding a boombox over our heads playing “In Your Eyes”. But when you did come back, we discovered that we kind of didn’t care that much. It took us a full season to really get back up to speed as fans, and back then we literally had nothing else to do.

Yeah, hockey, remember over four years ago when we started this blog? Our lives consisted of three things: work, watching hockey, and talking about watching hockey. We had to start a blog because we just had so much time to fill to talk about being hockey fans. Well, since then we’ve added quite a bit to our plates. We’ve got tons more hobbies and pastimes, and tons more things to be spending our entertainment dollars and hours on. Are you wondering what we’re doing with all the time that used to belong to you?

August 21 2012 & Garden Grub 42

Nice cans!

Flowers in the Garden

Let’s see how late into winter we can harvest shit this year!

August 25 2012

Fabric and thread will never get mixed up in stupid labor stoppages!

September 25 2012

There are only so many hours in the day that a girl can spend on becoming a hipster, so hockey, you lose.

September 22 2012: or Rock And/Or Roll

Hey, when you want to leave your house for some kind of entertainment, your options aren’t limited to hockey. Who knew???

So yeah, hockey. We’re not going to say anything stupid like, “This time we mean it — we’re never coming back!” because that’s just blatantly false. Of course we’re going to come back. But here’s the deal: you’re not leaving nearly the hole in our lives that you think you are. So whenever you get your shit together, that’s fine. Just don’t expect us to care until then.

The Ookies


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