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Okay, so we went away for a few days and returned home to find that the league was all settled on a new alignment plan. While we can definitely find things to complain about with this new plan — because, let’s face it, we can find things to complain about everything — it doesn’t seem too terrible. The only thing that has us really worried is the fact that the divisions will be named. Because you know what that means, Gentle Reader. That’s right — we’re going to be stuck in, like, the Gretzky Division. Or the Lemieux Division. Or the — ::hurl:: — Messier Division. Those are horrible names, and we want to offer the league a service here to keep them from making a naming decision they’ll live to regret. NHL, can we suggest a division name that is utterly unassailable in its awesomeness? Yes, we’re being dead serious here, and you can thank us later for…

The Pandolfo Division.

You’re welcome.


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Gawd, the Devils suck. And the worst part about their recent play is it’s making us miss Scott Clemmensen.

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