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Thanks to the triple-whammy of the Devils playing as late as they did last season, Assassin’s Creed III being released at the end October, and the discovery that “The Voice” does a decent job (in a junk-food kinda way) of filling the “competitive but mostly low-key and fun” role of early-season games, we’ve managed to do a pretty good job of being chill about the fact that there’s no hockey on our TVs. One thing the lock-out has let us do is focus more energies on finding and listening to new (and new-to-us) music; another thing it’s let us do is not see the same NY Kicks commercials a thousand times a night on MSG. So yeah, we’re chill.

Or rather we were! There’s only two reasons why seeing the same NY Knicks commercials a thousand times a night wouldn’t be a pain worse than death. One would be if the commercial started with some dorky dude shouting “We’re baaaaaaallin’!” We’ve never made any bones about how here at stately IPB Manor, the phrase “we’re ballin'” is guaranteed to get more than a snicker from us every single time. That commercial aired years ago, and yet it’s still a source of much amusement for us. We’re very sophisticated.

The other reason would be if the commercial was set to one of our favorite songs:

So what MSG is saying is that right now, if only the NHL and NHLPA could play a little nicer with each other, we could be watching competitive-but-mostly-low-key hockey and listening to good music? At the same time?! A thousand times a night, every night?!? Alright, now we’re pissed at this stupid lockout!

But… we’ll worry about it after this next mission in Assassin’s Creed III.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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Dear Devils,

Fuck you too.

The Ookies

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