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So we mentioned in our last post that Chuck the Duck got some body art to commemorate his first trip to The Rawk on Saturday. Chuck is wildly proud of his tattoos, and we’re sure you’re dying to see them in more detail.

His first tattoo is this one:

Chuck's Gel-O Tat

Yeah, you read that right — it’s Gel-O’s autograph! He sauntered up to us while we were milling about the Fire Lounge after the game (okay, maybe he sauntered across the Fire Lounge, and we intercepted him), and was unflappably game about being asked to autograph a small, homemade stuffed duck in a Devils sweater. His first comment was, “Is that a ping pong ball?”, and then even won us over a bit by remarking on the amount of work that had gone into making Chuck. While struggling with the none-too-easy task of signing a name as long as his on a small surface of wool felt, Gel-O regaled us with tales of the old Lucky Duck (he was auctioned off for charity, and raised a princely sum in the doing) and the real-life Chuck (apparently the Chuck the Duck film segments are done with local crews when the MSG team is on the road. It seems the local production guys are often a bit baffled by Chuck. Philistines). We were very impressed with the final result, though — Gel-O has great penmanship.

Chuck was so thrilled with the look of his tattoo that he quickly decided he needed an offsetting one on his other flank/tail region. So we waited for the crowds to clear, and handed him and the sharpie over to Chico.

Chuck's Chico Tat

Chico’s immediate, cheerful response was, “I’ve never signed a duck before!” (He had just posed with the Flat Stanley the woman behind us had introduced to Chuck during the second intermission, and we’re happy to report that when confronted with the little paper kid, Chico’s immediate, cheerful response was, “Oh! It’s one of those!” We wonder how many Flat Stanleys Chico has posed with over the years.) He then wondered whose autograph was already on Chuck, and honestly, Chico, Gel-O wrote it out in block letters. Just read it! Pookie was standing closest to Chico, and ended up basically being the one he was talking to, and she froze up completely; she had no idea what Gel-O’s real name was. The question was met with panicky silence. He asked again. Pookie’s mind was visibly racing. The moment grew long and awkward, while Boomer and Schnookie hung back, thinking, “Just don’t say ‘Gel-O’…” Finally Pookie managed to blurt out, “Uh, Steve?” That satisfied Chico. He tattooed Chuck, handed him back, tried to keep our pen, then gave that back. And just like that, Chuck’s time of hobnobbing with the rich and famous came to an end. The memories — and ink — will last a lifetime.


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You may remember, Gentle Reader, that we took an almost half star-crossed trip to The Rawk in December as a Christmas gift for Boomer. We had such a great time at that game that we immediately decided to get tickets to the next Saturday home game that fit our very busy schedules. That game turned out to be yesterday’s historic 1-0 loss to the Blues. Why was it historic, you wonder? Well, because Chuck the Duck was making his first trip to Newark for it.

Chuck At Skatearound

Chuck wishes all the interlopers would just get out of his seats already so he can watch skatearound.

We did not have nearly the drama getting to the arena this time that we did last time, but the fact remains that no matter whose directions you follow — the Devils website’s or Google Maps’s — there is still a major disconnect between what the instructions say and what the signage on the actual roads says. GPS people, get your shit in order, okay? Quit it with the using street names when the signs all have route numbers and route numbers when the signs all have street names.

Anyway, we arrived at the arena armed with Chuck, tickets for our second-row seats (!!!), and one of our small camera lenses outfitted with a star filter. The combined awesomeness of those three things would more than compensate for the sucky final outcome of the game.

Star Filter Banners

A star filter is one of the funnest toys on earth. And the Devils’ Stanley Cup banners are one of the prettiest things on earth. Together, they make beautiful flower.

We are fairly confident we’ve talked up the intoxicating deliciousness of the Fire Lounge chicken fingers, right?

Chuck With Chicken Fingers

Chuck tells us that ducks are not so closely related to chickens that they have ethical issues with eating chicken fingers.

Boomer remarked at one point during the game, while thinking of how we used to have season tickets at the old arena, that she thinks this is a fair tradeoff — seeing fewer games, “but more palatially”. (Seriously, the club seats are so nice. They have HDTVs in the bathrooms, so you don’t miss any action, even during skatearound!)

The highlight of the game (for people who aren’t Blues fans) was the Janssen/Leblond fight. This is how it played out for us:

Janssen/Leblond?  Yawn.

Oh. Look. A staged fight. Yawn.

Chuck Watching The Fight

Let’s take a bunch of pictures of Chuck watching the fight!

Yup, Still Fighting

Good grief — they’re still fighting???

Chuck Watching

Well, while that’s going on, let’s take a while trying to get a picture of Chuck with the Devils bench in the background, as they all watch the fight.

STILL Fighting!!!

Holy flirking schnitt! That fight just will. not. end!!!

Chuck Can't Believe What He Just Saw

Chuck is no big fan of the fights, either, but even he can’t believe what he just saw. That fight was RIDONK.

The game had a crisp pace, but it never really seemed like the Devils were going to score. This is when Chuck developed his drinking problem.

Chuck The Boozehound

Mmm… beer.

We took over 290 pictures during this outing, and only one of the action hockey shots was any good.

March 20 2010

Pookie loves the wonky angles.

Now, we had season tickets in the fourth row at CAA for four years, but there is a world of difference between fourth-row seats and second-row seats. We’ve had first-row seats a few times in the past, as well, but those were always behind the Devils bench out in Arizona. The experience of watching the game as closely as we did this time was just awesome. The size of the players! The speed! And yowza — the hitting!!

Hit Him Harder!

This picture was taken mere moments before Brian Rolston was smushed into the glass right in front of us. There is no shot of the actual hit, because we were so busy cringing and recoiling.

It’s like they were being hit directly — and thunderously loudly — into our laps.

Stick Condensation

Rolston’s stick left a ghostly condensation outline on the glass after that hit. We took a lot of pictures of it.

And when there wasn’t massive hitting going on in front of us, the star filter gave us a reason to have a mini jumbotron photo challenge.

Pookie's Jumbotron

Pookie liked her shot of the Godzilla leading a rhythmic clap-along best.

Schnookie's Jumbotron

Schnookie liked her shot of the flashing red spotlight best.

And while he might not have gotten to see a Devils win, Chuck did get to make new friends. The woman behind us had a Flat Stanley on hand, and wanted to get a shot of them together. Chuck was flattered.

Chuck Making Friends

After posing, Chuck and Stanley exchanged BFF lockets. And Zach warned them that BFF lockets are non-binding.

Our one regret during the action was that Rolston spent several TV timeouts skating back and forth across the ice directly in front of us. And when you’re sitting in the second row, you better believe you make eye contact often with the players. But we didn’t even think until it was too late that we should wink at Rolston. Once we decided we were going to do that the next time he skated his back-and-forth in front of us, he never came back. Oh, regrets.

After the game — and the booing the power play, Zach — was over, we headed up into the Fire Lounge to see if we could get Chuck some ink. He’s a tattoo-wearing kind of duck, and we knew just the person to take care of it. Unfortunately, Doc was in Boston for the NBC game, but Gel-O was on hand, and proudly informed us that this was the first time he’d ever signed a duck. (We’ll have more on Chuck’s body art tomorrow.)

Chuck Checking The Trains

Chuck, you don’t need to check the train schedule; we’re driving home.

All in all, it was a brilliant evening. The moral of the story is that it really doesn’t matter what happens in a hockey game when you’re sitting in the second row.

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Way back on December 18 the brilliant and talented Gentle Reader Jarhead_SGT blew our minds with this homemade Chuck the Duck. After we recovered from the staggering sense of awe, we wondered, “How did we not think of that?” Really, how could we not have our own Chuck the Duck? Especially when we already knew exactly how to make a felt duck. All we would need is the felt duck, a hockey sweater for it, a hockey helmet, and a cigar. It would be a piece of cake!

January 17 2010

We started with a prototype, just to hammer out the logistics. Using craft-store felt, we constructed a shockingly cute little duck, then draped him for his Reebok slim-fit-style sweater. There was no small sense of thrilling accomplishment when we realized it was going to work.

Yellow Portrait

Our prototype was so cute, we hated just to think of it as a mere step in the construction process. But when we talked about it, we couldn’t call it “Chuck” because “Chuck” was going to be the real duck. Chuck proper was going to made out of fancier materials, and dressed, and his beak was going to be stuffed the way the pattern called for (a step we forgot to do on the prototype). We named the model MiniChuck. And MiniChuck has been a boon companion lo these weeks while awaiting the arrival in the mail of the fancy wool felt we ordered online.

Duck Parts

Yesterday, though, the pieces were all in place. The duck-making factory swung into action. And after hours of trimming and sewing and stuffing and fluffing, our masterpiece was complete.

Maximum Chuck

Behold, Gentle Reader: MAXIMUM CHUCK!

Maximum Chuck

None! None more Chuck!

Maximum Chuck

Chuck likes to bask in the glory of our free giveaway Stanley Cup banners.

Maximum Chuck

Chuck wears the very cutting edge of concussion-proof ping pong ball helmets.

Tiny Devils Logo

Chuck is a brawny manly-man, whose chest measures a whopping entire inch across.

Maximum Chuck

Because we’re very proud of cutting out such a small felt Devils logo, here’s another picture of it!

Maximum Chuck

Chuck smokes only the finest hand-rolled construction-paper cigars.

Maximum Chuck

A Canada goose can break a human’s shinbone with the force of its wings. For Chuck, that kind of damage is child’s play.

Chuck the Duck

Chuck can fight with the best of them, but he’s also got soft hands. He’s everything a hockey fan could ask for.

This Chuck might not have the glamorous lifestyle of the real Chuck, with his speedboats and his exotic travels and his poutine, but he has one decided advantage over his namesake: no Stan.

Maximum Chuck

Fischler-free since February 2010.

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