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Thanks to the triple-whammy of the Devils playing as late as they did last season, Assassin’s Creed III being released at the end October, and the discovery that “The Voice” does a decent job (in a junk-food kinda way) of filling the “competitive but mostly low-key and fun” role of early-season games, we’ve managed to do a pretty good job of being chill about the fact that there’s no hockey on our TVs. One thing the lock-out has let us do is focus more energies on finding and listening to new (and new-to-us) music; another thing it’s let us do is not see the same NY Kicks commercials a thousand times a night on MSG. So yeah, we’re chill.

Or rather we were! There’s only two reasons why seeing the same NY Knicks commercials a thousand times a night wouldn’t be a pain worse than death. One would be if the commercial started with some dorky dude shouting “We’re baaaaaaallin’!” We’ve never made any bones about how here at stately IPB Manor, the phrase “we’re ballin'” is guaranteed to get more than a snicker from us every single time. That commercial aired years ago, and yet it’s still a source of much amusement for us. We’re very sophisticated.

The other reason would be if the commercial was set to one of our favorite songs:

So what MSG is saying is that right now, if only the NHL and NHLPA could play a little nicer with each other, we could be watching competitive-but-mostly-low-key hockey and listening to good music? At the same time?! A thousand times a night, every night?!? Alright, now we’re pissed at this stupid lockout!

But… we’ll worry about it after this next mission in Assassin’s Creed III.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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One night a week Pookie works the night shift at the reference desk, during which time Schnookie and Boomer discover anew that Pookie truly is the life of the party at stately IPB Manor. When she’s not around, the halls fall dark and silent, and the denizens sulk wordlessly until 10 p.m., when Pookie gets home and we all resume our orbit around the life-giving sun. The off-season is especially difficult because there’s nothing on TV to mitigate the stony, desolate silence, so one of the many reasons Schnookie and Boomer anticipate the start of a new hockey season so eagerly is to have something to watch in Pookie’s absence. Imagine their delight, then, when they took a gander at NHL.com and discovered there is, this week, an actual schedule of actual games actually being played, some of them on TV! Hip hip huzzah!

But then.


The horrible realization:

Schnookie: “There’s hockey on tonight.”

Boomer: “Preseason games already?!”

Schnookie: “Yeah, but it’s Leafs/Sens.”

Long pause.

Boomer: “It’s too soon for that. Let’s not spoil the season before it even starts.”


In further Boomer-related, we’re-only-laughing-because-otherwise-we’d-cry news, we were discussing over the weekend our impressions of Devils training camp so far.

Pookie: “There’s a guy named Wedgewood. I wholly approve of that.” (Yeah, we’re all about the hockey analysis here.)

Schnookie: “But there’s a guy named Petr Sykora. I just… can’t…”

Pookie: “I’m not letting it bother me, because there’s no way he makes the team.”

Schnookie: “There’s no way he doesn’t make the team!”

Boomer: “Not on Lou’s watch.”

Schnookie: “Exactly. This is the guy who brought back 42-year-old Shanahan. He brought back Holik.”

Boomer: “Yeah. The only way Petr Sykora wouldn’t make the team would be if he had a pegleg.”

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So, Brian Rafalski retired today. Hmph. We were really hoping he’d outlast Lidstrom, so the Wings would be stuck paying him $6 million a year for being solo Rafalski instead of complimentary-offensive-defenseman-to-a-first-ballot-hall-of-famer Rafalski, because we’re mean that way. Anyway, over lunch today Pookie made a horrible realization about the Devils’ vaunted champion rookie class of 2000: “Rafalski has retired. Madden’s sure to retire soon. Gomez is… Gomez. And we’re still stuck with Colin White. And it doesn’t seem like he’s going anywhere soon.” Yup. It’s hard being a Devils fan, isn’t it?

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Driving home from a wine-soaked dinner out, we began to discuss, as most Devils fans are these days, the remarkable turn-around the team’s put together since Jacques Lemaire took over. What we concluded is that the difference in how effective Lemaire is and how ineffective MacLean was is almost exactly the difference between two of our favorite crime-fighting superheroes:

Yup, that was Johnny Mac telling the PP “just go out there and pop a wheelie to throw mud in their eyes” while Jacques’s the one telling them, “oh, we’ll just summon a hoard of angels”. We can only hope that next season, the replacement coach isn’t Gymkana Girl.

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We never wrote a post about the Langenbrunner trade! Yeah, we’ve given up on this season almost as much as the players have.

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One of Pookie’s coworkers gave her a Devils page-a-day calendar for Christmas, and now that the days of pages have started, she’s been reporting back home on all the fun Devils info she’s learned.

January 4 2010

The first day’s fact was that Marty broke the shutouts record on whatever date it was. Pookie’s response was, “This calendar is starting off with a bang, reminding me of the last time this team made me happy. The next 364 days can only be downhill from here.”

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Wreck In The Snow

It’s the Devils!

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