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We’ve been sort of hilariously insistent that summer is over for the last few weeks. It’s been cool and rainy here at stately IPB Manor, with predictions of the weather continuing on mildly this way for the foreseeable future, and we’ve got a pumpkin on one of our garden fenceposts, and the earliest leaves are starting to turn. It’s been lovely, especially now that there’s tennis on TV every night for us to get back into the whole “watching sports” thing instead of our summertime “watching Star Trek” routine. Hockey anticipation was building right along with the season shift… until this afternoon, when we read Gulitti’s report that Travis’s leg fell off and he’s out for, like, ever. The season hasn’t even started yet and it already sucks! We started to slip into a spiral of depression and gloom, until we remembered one important thing:

It’s not not summer yet! We don’t have to worry about Travis’s Achilles tendon, or the fact that no significant Devils injury has healed on the projected timetable that Lou tried to assure fans of in the last few years, or, as Boomer said, lament that at this rate we’ll never find out what the Travis/Zach/Kovalchuk line can do. No, we don’t need to spare any of that a second thought for a few more weeks yet, because it’s still August.

So we spent our evening toasting marshmallows and watching the bats wheeling overhead in the twilit sky. And that’s all this Devils blog has to say about hockey tonight.

August 18 2011


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April 23 2011

Butter lambs.

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Just before the start of this season we had big plans to invent a champagne cocktail that incorporates a Chuckles candy in honor of the bright Kovalchuk future of the Devils. We were going to style it all fancy, with a vast, Sandra Lee-esque tablescape in shades of red and black. And then we got distracted by something shiny, wandered off, and never did it. Perhaps the Hockey Gods intervened without our knowing it, though, because it seems far more apt to look beyond just the champagne drink and instead review the entirety of the still-young season in cocktail form.

The Chucklestini


Fill a shaker with ice. Add 2 oz. vodka, 2 oz. cranberry juice, and 3/4 oz. cointreau, and shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass and add a black Chuckle.

The Sudsy Chuckle

Sudsy Chuckle

Angrily pour a can of beer into a beer mug, creating as much unnecessary foam as possible. Drink the beer. Garnish the dregs with a green Chuckle.

The Chuck-Two-Oh

Chuck Two Oh

To a plastic patio glass add one yellow Chuckle. Top with plain, unflavored seltzer.

The Cat’s Pajamas

Cat's Pajamas

Fill your pet cat’s bowl with tap water and set aside. When the cat has naturally added chewed-up mice to the bowl, float an orange Chuckle.

The Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave

Find a secluded patch of dirt and dig a small hole. Drop a red Chuckle into the hole and cover lightly with dirt.

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We have recently, for a variety of reasons, become obsessed with the modern everyday food consumed by normal people in Scandinavia. One of the things that has astounded us is the robust frozen pizza industry in countries we assumed didn’t have any interest at all in foodstuffs that weren’t fermented fish with dill sauce. Thanks to some serendipitous research by Katebits, we’ve learned that Sweden really likes a fascinating product called Billys Pan Pizza, which boasts a rather shockingly broad assortment of flavors.

Now, One of our favorite things about doing cultural research of foreign countries on the interwebs is attempting to read websites in languages we don’t understand. So the other evening we were poring through the Billys website, and came across the description for the Billys Capricciosa:

Ett perfekt mellanmål innan hockeyträningen!

That’s Swedish for “Billys Capricciosa should be on every hockey player’s training table”, right?

With that in mind, Schnookie tried to read aloud a little corporate timeline on the website that was boasting when certain flavors and products were introduced. Like, Billys Original was introduced in 1993, and Billys Chicken Taco was introduced in 1997, or whatever. And then she got to something called “Billys People”. Which prompted Pookie to wail, “Billys People is people!!”

The point of all of this is that someday soon, when we get the media access that is due to every hockey blogger, we have a new question in our journalisty arsenal. We will lead our interviews with “Can you swim?”, and if the interviewee is Swedish, we will follow up with, “What’s your favorite Billys Pan Pizza?” Then we’ll nail him with the hard-hitting, “And did you know that Billys People is people?”

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Today we decided the very best way to honor Marty’s 104th shutout was to commemorate it in gingerbread form.


Yes, those cookies are every bit as breathtakingly awesome as the game last night was. But nothing’s too good when it comes to telling the world how great we think Marty is. Devils fans are just so lucky to have been able not only to get to see some of Marty’s career, but to have seen all of it. Really, how cool is it that when you look at a video retrospective of his career, the only sweater you see him in is the Devils? That’s our deep thought to add to the Marty discussion — we think he’s rad, and we love that he’s ours.

Meanwhile, in other gingerbread cookie news, we had a whole bunch of leftover dough after making the 104, so we cut a bunch of other holiday shapes. We aren’t really into the whole “cookie decoration” scene, so we went about adorning them with sanding sugar half-heartedly. A Christmas tree here, a glittery star there, an ax or two, and of course, some gingerbread men. After taking them out of the oven, we discovered something shocking about two of the gingerbread men:

CoreyPerry and Getzi

They look exactly like CoreyPerry (CoreyPerry) and Getzi!

We swear, this was completely by accident, but seriously, isn’t it an incredible resemblance? There’s golden-haired CoreyPerry (CoreyPerry) on the left (sure, that’s supposedly a gingerbread woman, but CoreyPerry [CoreyPerry] seems like the kind of guy who enjoys wearing culottes, right?), and balding, cranky Getzi on the right.

December 22 2009

It’s uncanny.

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WOO HOOO! Travis re-signed for this many years:


for this much money:

Zach's Goals

TravisNation is so excited that its young emperor/god is sticking around! And you know what else this means, Gentle Reader? It means we’ve got four more years of Travis to help make up for the next four years of Rolston! WOOOOOOOO!

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You had to know we were going to do this, right Gentle Reader?

Funfetti Cake

That’s right — we baked a funfetti cake. Of course, it’s also got some chocolate in it, just to have a part that doesn’t look like ass… And that seems most appropriate. Like the Devils/Hurricanes series, our cake is a toss-up.

April 26 2009

So here’s hoping the chocolate wins out tonight. In the meantime, join us for an open thread — funfetti or no, there’s cake all around!


Puke. That was a lot of funfetti cake.

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