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Why, “Red Dead Redemption”, a.k.a. “Grand Theft Horsie”, that’s what! We have completely fallen down the rabbit hole of Grand Theft Horsie, and frankly, couldn’t care less about the remainder of the playoffs. We feel that we have to say this out loud here, because “I’ve become completely obsessed with Grand Theft Horsie” wasn’t an option on the recent NHL Fan Face Off survey we took asking about the reasons for our current interest level in the playoffs. Sorry, BOLTS!, Bruins, Sharks, and Canucks — you pale in comparison to watching Pookie riding her trusty steed Dapples across the fictional terrain of New Austin, shooting lawmen and sucking at poker. See you next year, NHL.


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We have recently, for a variety of reasons, become obsessed with the modern everyday food consumed by normal people in Scandinavia. One of the things that has astounded us is the robust frozen pizza industry in countries we assumed didn’t have any interest at all in foodstuffs that weren’t fermented fish with dill sauce. Thanks to some serendipitous research by Katebits, we’ve learned that Sweden really likes a fascinating product called Billys Pan Pizza, which boasts a rather shockingly broad assortment of flavors.

Now, One of our favorite things about doing cultural research of foreign countries on the interwebs is attempting to read websites in languages we don’t understand. So the other evening we were poring through the Billys website, and came across the description for the Billys Capricciosa:

Ett perfekt mellanmål innan hockeyträningen!

That’s Swedish for “Billys Capricciosa should be on every hockey player’s training table”, right?

With that in mind, Schnookie tried to read aloud a little corporate timeline on the website that was boasting when certain flavors and products were introduced. Like, Billys Original was introduced in 1993, and Billys Chicken Taco was introduced in 1997, or whatever. And then she got to something called “Billys People”. Which prompted Pookie to wail, “Billys People is people!!”

The point of all of this is that someday soon, when we get the media access that is due to every hockey blogger, we have a new question in our journalisty arsenal. We will lead our interviews with “Can you swim?”, and if the interviewee is Swedish, we will follow up with, “What’s your favorite Billys Pan Pizza?” Then we’ll nail him with the hard-hitting, “And did you know that Billys People is people?”

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