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The 63rd in our 118-part series.

Colby Armstrong and Max Talbot

Once upon a time, the Devils had a player who had a sense of humor and wasn’t afraid to appear spunky and goofy in the occasional interview. When interviewed for a taste test of the Wheaties that featured an Olympic Marty Brodeur on the box, Brad Bombadir answered Stan’s queries by dribbling milk and chewed up cereal down his chin while giggling uncontrollably. Not surprisingly, he was shipped out to Minnesota where he is now a spunky, goofy sideline reporter. Devils players since have learned the lesson. So we must look elsewhere to fill our spunk and goof needs. About mid-way through last season we found the mythical Fountain of Spunky Goofiness in Pittsburgh, where Colby Armstrong and Max Talbot run rampant over Penguins pre-, during- and post- game interviews, as well as on the incomparable Inside Penguins Hockey, a half-hour, weekly showcase for their insanity.


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–We TiVoed the Penguins-Senators game, and we’re getting the Sens feed on Center Ice. We compose this open letter to SportsNet after their introductory footage of various besuited Pens and Sens arriving before the game:

Dear SportsNet,

Thank you.

Love, Interchangeable Parts

We parse the various outfits in slow motion as they stroll through the frame — we admire Maxie Talbot’s skinny tie and strangely textured suit (it seems to us that he is rarely ever seen in any material that isn’t strangely textured), marvel at how Sid manages to make even the most basic of suit-tie combos look exquisitely dorky, and HELLO! Wow, Wade Redden just gets better with age, doesn’t he? If we were still living in the age of VCRs, we’d have just burned a hole in the tape watching Wade over and over again in slow motion. Less impressive? Daniel Alfredsson’s leather jacket, which is improved only by comparison to the color guy’s even worse leather jacket. We quickly compose another open letter:

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