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We’d like to be really excited for Game 5 tonight, but the Devils are due for their next 3-0 loss, so we’re going to keep our enthusiasm tamped a bit until Game 6.


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Schnookie had a shitty day at the office and Pookie’s stuck at work on the late shift. Devils, would it be too much to ask you to just not make our days any worse?

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Today’s game is far too early in the day for us to really be able to find the omens the universe wants us to see. What unusual and meaningful sight are we supposed to be stumbling across before 1:00 on a Saturday afternoon? We’re lucky to even be awake by then! (Just kidding. Pookie’s been up since the crack of dawn because she has to work today. And, consequently, miss the game.) The closest we could come to a clear-cut message from the Hockey Gods is this:

Groundhog Army

It’s the family of groundhogs that lives under our neighbor’s deck; we only discovered they were there yesterday evening. You can’t see all the cute little babies here, so believe us when we say there are four of them. FOUR. Four could mean a lot of things… number of games you need to win a round, number of rounds you need to win the Cup, number of Cups– No. We’re not going there. AT ALL. Nice try, Hockey Gods.

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Hockey again? It’s getting to be late May. What’s going on here??

Before Game 1, Pookie saw the Stanley Cup on the side of a bus. Today, she saw a dead bee. What could it all mean?!

Dead Bee

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If you had told us on the eve of the playoffs that we’d be here today, we never would have believed you. Getting out of the first round is such a monumental task for the Devils that we were just happy at the prospect of losing to the relatively innocuous Panthers instead of someone more heinous. Then a matchup with the Flyers after they’d caused the mighty Pens such a massive mental collapse? Surely that was going to end badly, right? Just not trailing for at least one period was more than we were hoping for. So… now this. It’s amazing. It’s completely unexpected. It’s been fun. When was the last time the playoffs were fun for us? 2006? That’s not as recent as some of us would like to think. So really, our thought going into tonight’s game is that the rest of this is gravy. No matter what happens in this ECF, we hope we never forget the unmitigated joy that’s come from watching the Devils overachieve in the playoffs (and humiliate the Flyers in the doing).

Of course, we will forget as soon as the puck drops tonight, so consider this a note to our future selves that there was once a time when we were truly happy.

P.S. Check out what Pookie saw on her drive home, after skipping out of work two hours early in order to catch the game:

May 14 2012

It’s a sign!

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And in the substances that aren’t tobacco.

May 9 2012: Spoils Go To The Victory Euro Mats

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We’re trying really hard not to upset the delicate balance of whatever Hockey God mojo the Devils have managed to put together the last few games. Just… sitting around here, watching TV, maybe there’ll be a game on… We certainly don’t have any expectations or anything… ::Nervously gnaws fingernails::

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