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IPB Hour: Episode 8

It’s a gray and dreary day here at stately IPB Manor. The rainy skies, combined with yesterday’s Autumn-in-July harvest of early-ripening pumpkins, has us thinking hockey hockey hockey.

What a perfect time for a podcast! Listen as we go stir-crazy, listen as ominous thunder punctuates our prognostications for the new season, listen as we watch a deer in our backyard. Yes, you heard us! Listen to us watch a deer! We dare you to find hockey commentary like that elsewhere!

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IPB Hour Episode Eight; 23 min.


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Have you ever found yourself wondering what we think of Bobby Holik? Wonder no more! That is just one of few topics covered in the most recent edition of the IPB Hour! We cover all of the aspects of Free Agency Day (that we could remember from a week ago on this a lazy summer work night)! Bobby Holik impersonations, Wild West history, Pando jubilation, we’ve got it all!

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IPB Hour Episode Seven; 33 min.

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It’s time again, Gentle Listener, for another episode of the IPB Hour. In this week’s installment we stretch our metaphors for how we feel about the Flyers to ridiculous lengths, review the four second-round series that have just concluded, and spin our wheels while trying to convince ourselves that we don’t care about the Rangers.

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IPB Hour Episode Six; 29 min.

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IPB Hour Episode 5

We apologize for the two-week delay in getting the next installment of The IPB Hour on the air but we needed a bit of space between us and the end of the Devils season. However, we’re back in the saddle and bringing you a fresh batch of IPB Hour goodness. In this episode we encourage you to come for the hockey analysis and stay for the literary criticism! Yup, we’re serving up a tasty dish of commentary on the Devils season and the second round, with a little bit of Faulkner and Steinbeck on the side.

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IPB Hour Episode Five; 28 min

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Today marks an exciting day — this is our 500th post!

For your gentle listening pleasure, we present the fourth episode of The IPB Hour. In this rambling episode we discuss the conference quarterfinal series as they’ve progressed to date. We faced many challenges to record this — the neighborhood lawnmower brigade (there’s nothing having to turn up the NBC broadcast to inhuman levels just to hear it over the riding mowers, only to realize 20 minutes later that the mower have long gone away and you’ve been subjecting yourself to harmful levels of a shouting Edzo for no good reason), the yowling cat (it’s like Maggie the yowler from Episode 3 followed us back from Brooklyn), and severe cases of “Pierre McGuire Just Killed My Brain With His ‘Analysis’ During The NBC Intermission Show” — but this is the post-season when it’s all about seeing challenges and overcoming them, right?

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The IPB Hour Episode 4; 26 min.

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Gentle Listener, we present to you the 3rd episode of our podcast, The IPB Hour. In the past we’ve joked that the podcast should be subtitled, “Contents May Be Less Than An Hour”, but this week, not so much. Why? Because we took our act on the road, ambling over to Brooklyn to talk hockey with our old season-ticket buddy and IPB Irregular, Morgan! We arrived at his apartment at noon and talked hockey pretty much non-stop until 5:30 when we had to head back to the ‘burbs. We only recorded part of it, fortunately, so you’re spared all but an hour of our rambling conversation which covered The Curse Of Beating Brodeur, our can’t-miss predictions of who will win the Cup, some wacky theories about Andy Greene, and everything in between.

As usual, you can subscribe to the podcast here. If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts in general about the IPB Hour, please drop us a line at interchangeablepartsblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

UPDATE: This one’s a long one, and it’s come to our attention that WordPress’s audio player doesn’t allow for easy pausing and returning to later. You can download the podcast into the audio player of your choice here.

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IPB Hour Album Art

In the second episode of our podcast, The IPB Hour (Contents May Be Less Than An Hour), we address an important paradoxical question about the 07-08 New Jersey Devils: Is the team overachieving or underachieving?

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If you’re not podcasted out, we cannot recommend highly enough the new podcast coming out of Buffalo, SabreCast. It’s a joint project of the geniuses behind The Willful Caboose and Top Shelf. Katebits and Heather are the future of sports talk radio with their brutal honesty, intelligent reasonableness, and plucky enthusiasm. (In short, it’s the opposite of the IPB Hour!)

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