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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Gentle Reader — Frisby Bowl time! If you want to participate in our annual bacchanal of confidence pool fun and games, head over to Frisby Bowl V to join up and get your picks in order. The deadline to have your picks in place is, to put this technically, “Wed Apr 11 23:15:00 +0000 2012”. The very best bragging rights are on the line, so you don’t want to be left out!


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… V.E. Mats passes the torch.

Welcome, Victory Swedish Larsson!

Victory Swedish Larsson

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Last night we had our traditional Draft Party at stately IPB Manor, with the togas and the dancing formations and the cymballs.

Last time we busted out this garb we got badly burned, but with a fourth-overall pick, there was no way this could go badly, right? Right! Look at what all our suffering from last season earned us!

June 24 2011

Insert frenzied cymball crashing here.

Deploy cymballs! Let the bacchanalia commence! We have a new best player ever, and, if the thirty seconds of Pierre McGuire we were willing to listen to last night is any indication, he is going to give us many, many orgasms. (Our actual response to Pierre’s immediate, hysterical response to the Devils’ pick — Schnookie: “Pierre just came all over him! He must be awesome!” Pookie: “This is Pierre we’re talking about. I wouldn’t read much into it.”)

It’s probably not an overreaction to say that Adam Larsson is the Best Devil EVER.

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Victory Euro Mats is rolling around in his lottery riches tonight!

April 12 2011

This is going to be the best fourth-overall pick ever.

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Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas from everyone at stately IPB Manor to all of you!

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It’s another Memorial Day weekend, and that means it’s another birthday for Schnookie. WOO HOO!

Waxy Monkey Frog Says Happy Birthday, Schnookie!

We’re off for a day of fun at the Museum of Natural History, where we hope all the butterflies and lizards and snakes and dinosaurs will be as festive as this waxy monkey frog is. Sure, it’s not a national holiday until Monday, but it should be.

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Today we decided the very best way to honor Marty’s 104th shutout was to commemorate it in gingerbread form.


Yes, those cookies are every bit as breathtakingly awesome as the game last night was. But nothing’s too good when it comes to telling the world how great we think Marty is. Devils fans are just so lucky to have been able not only to get to see some of Marty’s career, but to have seen all of it. Really, how cool is it that when you look at a video retrospective of his career, the only sweater you see him in is the Devils? That’s our deep thought to add to the Marty discussion — we think he’s rad, and we love that he’s ours.

Meanwhile, in other gingerbread cookie news, we had a whole bunch of leftover dough after making the 104, so we cut a bunch of other holiday shapes. We aren’t really into the whole “cookie decoration” scene, so we went about adorning them with sanding sugar half-heartedly. A Christmas tree here, a glittery star there, an ax or two, and of course, some gingerbread men. After taking them out of the oven, we discovered something shocking about two of the gingerbread men:

CoreyPerry and Getzi

They look exactly like CoreyPerry (CoreyPerry) and Getzi!

We swear, this was completely by accident, but seriously, isn’t it an incredible resemblance? There’s golden-haired CoreyPerry (CoreyPerry) on the left (sure, that’s supposedly a gingerbread woman, but CoreyPerry [CoreyPerry] seems like the kind of guy who enjoys wearing culottes, right?), and balding, cranky Getzi on the right.

December 22 2009

It’s uncanny.

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