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This is the last submission we got for the fabulous Reasons You Love Hockey series, and we think it’s only fitting that it comes from our Devils buddy, Morgan. We’ve known Morgan for as long as we’ve been attending Devils games in person, so about 10 years now. Frankly, at this point, we can’t imagine being Devils fans without him and his unique insight (“I’d like to see Odelein traded to the moon for a microbe to be named later” being our personal favorite Morgan-ism). Our last year as season ticket holders was more about sitting up in the last row of the arena and hanging out with him than it was about watching the team (they weren’t doing much that year to warrant paying any attention to the ice). So it’s our pleasure to present to you Morgan’s reason he loves hockey:

Esprit de Corps and Trying to be a Plus

Being a hapless Yank from south of the boarder, I never learned to skate as a kid, and gaining a proficiency in ice skating beyond “a moose stranded on a frozen lake” has proved to be difficult for me to learn in my fourth decade of life. I loved hockey (still do), and desperately wanted to play. I finally found a non-skating, co-ed street hockey league last year, whereupon I joined up with a brand new team in this league. Being a Devils fan, I naturally played the part of the stay at home defenseman, and I played pretty well. I ended up minus 16 for a team that had a goal differential of… hang on, I can look this up… HOLY CRAP MINUS 89!


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Today’s Reason You Love Hockey comes from Mara. This is an especially exciting reason to get to post today, because think about it Gentle Reader: in less than a week NHL arenas (or at least the ones in London) will be waking up, too! So sit back, relax, enjoy Mara’s writing, and then commence pommerdoodling!

An Arena Wakes Up

This old place is the closest thing in my life to a cathedral. I like it best when it’s almost empty two or three hours before game time, and the lights in the bowl are off and all you can hear is the HVAC system humming and maybe someone up in the catwalks checking the spotlights.

I like walking out to center ice and looking up in every direction at empty seats and 32 years of banners hanging from the rafters. Cam Neely called this arena home and Grant Fuhr and Trevor Linden skated here. I like the ice when it hasn’t been cut or skated on for a day and it’s not shiny anymore (condensation freezes on it and the surface goes matte). It smells like snow and if you’re lucky there’s a couple feet of fog blurring the ads on the boards across the ice.

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Today’s reason you love hockey comes from IPB’s favorite Red Wings fan, Steph. Actually, come to think of it, she’s the only Red Wings fan we like — maybe the pity for the Ty Conklin thing softens the Detroitness? Who knows. Whatever the reason we like her, she’s brought her always fun and always unique perspective to share with us a reason she likes hockey. Let’s all give it up for Steph! (And remember, we might be doing two-a-days now, but there’s still room for your reasons. If you want to squeeze a reason you love hockey in before the offseason ends, just email us at interchangeablepartsblog [at] gmail [dot] com.)

So many reasons I love hockey have already been covered (and well!) by everyone else who’s contributed, but there is one thing I love that has been sorely neglected: Ridiculous Playoff Parody Songs.

The bad slogans (“Ride the Red Wave”, much?) are usually forgettable (or at least we want them to be), but you know it’s really playoff season when the radio stations start churning out parodies, it’s really playoff season. Whether they’re absolutely horrible or surprisingly well put together, they’re hilarious. Whether it’s the Wings with their “Without Stanley” or the Flames with such classics as “In Da Dome” and this years famed “Stanleyback” (you were bringing Stanley where, guys?), you have to admit that even the absolute worst of them makes you laugh, roll your eyes, and say “yep, that’s hockey.” And, for that matter, that you actually might have clicked “play” a few more times than you really want anyone else to know. I admit. I might have had a cd of a bunch of these in my car last playoff season.

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Today’s reason comes from the one and only Mags. While she really needs no introduction around here, we should mention that you can get even more of a taste of the world as she sees it at her LiveJournal. Since you all know the drill should you want to see your own reason you love hockey in this space (email us at interchangeablepartsblog [at] gmail [dot] com), lets just get right to it, and give it up for Mags!

The reason the Nijmegen Saints and Bloemendaal’s first womens’ team (but mostly Mags) love hockey:

Bandy, field hockey, ice hockey, shinty, street hockey, polo, hurling.

All incarnations of the game. We love hockey, because of the seemingly endless variety within a set of principles and rules.

Hockey is variety.

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Today’s reason(s) you love hockey comes from the one and only Icing, who has crept out from behind her potted plant to enjoy a moment in the spotlight. This is a wonderful collection of things that are great about our favorite sport, so sit back, relax, and give it up for Icing! (And if you’re suddenly feeling inclined to poke out from behind your own potted plant, please do email us your reason you love hockey at interchangeablepartsblog[at]gmail[dot]com.)


Firstly, I’ve loved hockey ever since I can remember. And when I think of trying to come up with reasons “why”, it almost feels like it takes something away from it. Like trying to analyze why you feel a certain way about a particular song or what it is about someone that you see across a crowded room (or an empty room for that matter – although in that case it just might be ‘availability’) that catches your attention. I guess that explains why it’s taken me so long to do this. Despite all that, here are a few reasons why I love hockey…

• Sudden Death – Yeah, sometimes I worry about my own health when I’m watching a particularly important game, but I’m referring to overtime. Especially OT in the deciding game of a playoff series. That’s edge of your seat time. And the huge emotional ups and downs, watching your team on a great scoring chance that brings you to your feet, but then cringing in horror when it looks like the other team might put one in the net.

• Late Round Draft Pick Surprises – Gotta like watching a guy totally exceed his potential (you know, if he plays for a team you like).

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Today’s reason you love hockey comes from the inestimable and incomparable Earl Sleek, who really, let’s be honest — needs no introduction. It should be mentioned, though, that he was the one who suggested we run this series in the first place, so a million thanks for the idea, as well as this post! (As always, if you want to see your name in lights here, just email us your reason for loving hockey at interchangeablepartsblog [at] gmail [dot] com.)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this “Reasons We Love Hockey” series, but I think there’s one area that’s been awfully neglected, and it’s about time I did my fucking homework anyway.

One reason why I love hockey: NHL 94 (SNES)

Hockey, above all sports, was made to be a video game. The physics of a puck moving along a flat, confined ice surface is relatively simple compared to the 3-dimensional programming required for football, baseball, basketball, or golf. It’s not surprising that in the infancy days of video games, hockey was the first sport to translate really well into pixels.

That said, the best thing about NHL 94 was its simplicity, not its sophistication. There were always two options, shoot/pass or hit/switch player. You knew your options as a skater, and you knew your opponent’s options as a defender.

If I can rant a bit about modern hockey video games, I think they have complicated things quite a bit—not just in terms of buttons, either. I have no idea in today’s games on a given play whether a goaltender will make a save or not—it just seems to rely on a complicated algorithm where great plays are stymied while simple-looking shots go in. There’s not any clear rhyme or reason to it, and while it does capture the bounce-luck of actual hockey more realistically, it doesn’t necessarily make for a better game.

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Today’s Reason You Love Hockey comes from Angela, a dedicated yet oftentimes silent Gentle Reader. She was coaxed out of silence a few times in IPB’s near moribund discussion of Harry Potter, but has otherwise been a quiet observer of the insanity here. So it is with great pleasure that we get to share with everyone her wonderful list of some (but not nearly all) the reasons she loves hockey. As always, if you are moved to put pen to paper and share your reasons for loving this great game with IPB, please email us at interchangeablepartsblog [at] gmail [dot] com. And in the meantime, lets give it up for Angela!

just a few random reasons (of the many) that i love hockey, in no particular order:

– alexander ovechkin’s nose
– vincent lecavalier’s style
– i have a crush on canada
– have *you* ever tried to skate like that? it’s wicked hard!
– your blog cracks me up.
– i used to say that i loved art, hockey, my all-clad pans, ebay, and harry potter. harry potter has sadly been removed from that list – the last book was so crappy it sort of befouls the whole enterprise, imho. not possible with hockey. no matter how much douchebaggery is perpetrated by any single player, none of them could single handedly blow the whole thing.
– today my seven year old son made the mites travel team here in las vegas, nevada. it was his first try out. he went to bed with a smile on his face and a puck under his pillow. aww.

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