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There is excitement in the air tonight at stately IPB Manor, as we are celebrating Paulie PaulieMartin Day – that’s right, he’s returning to the lineup for this game against the Wild, valiantly refusing to miss the chance to skate in front of his 7,000 family members. We are confident his Leader Of Young Gopher powers will be enough to correct the Devils’ recent trend toward relentless sucktitude. Okay, “confident” probably isn’t the right word, but we’re at least really happy to see him.

Hey! Tonight’s game is also exciting because it’s not on FSN NY – no, it’s on MSG Plus. Or MSG+. Or… whatever. It looks a lot like FSN NY, but bluer. Because heaven forbid the Devils broadcasts shouldn’t be “subtly” branded with Rangers colors or anything.

Doc and Chico discuss Paulie a bit (and by discuss we mean “slurp”, something of which we approve), then move on to talking about ex-Devil Brian Rolston (the namesake of our cat Rollie, who seems singularly unimpressed that they’re talking about him). “What do you think of when you think of Brian Rolston?” Doc asks. As Chico starts to answer, “Big, booming slapshot,” Pookie cuts him off: “High and wide. That’s what I think.” Schnookie adds, “And shooting right into the goalie’s crest.” He’s kind of improved on that, we think, since parting ways with the Devils.

Oh, and for our gameplan tonight, if we were Sutter we’d try to find a way to convince the Devils that there is another trade deadline looming. They didn’t have such a problem scoring back when they thought their jobs were on the line, did they?


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