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In In A Sunburned Country Bill Bryson describes the sting of a box jellyfish; he speaks of how the pain is so excruciating that one unfortunate victim was reported to have been incessantly screaming from the pain while in a coma. That, Gentle Reader, was what a lot of this game was like.

But we’re still in monkey-hugging-a-bird mode, so we’ll try to consider the positives (while ignoring the negatives). Like that the Devils won (against a team that has no points in the standings so far, and has the look of “we’re going to have a new coach before Thanksgiving”). Or that the Devils scored 3 power play goals (against a penalty kill that gave up 3 goals against Buffalo’s lackluster power play, too). Or that the Devils came back from being down two goals in the closing minutes of the second (after seeming to have the game well in hand after the first period and then letting the game all but slip away to the godawful Thrashers). Or that a handful of Devils got their first goals of the season (while a handful of Thrashers also scored). Huh. This is sounding an awful lot like a list of negatives, isn’t it? Well, we can’t help it; some wins just feel like losses.


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