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Whew! We just got home in time to plop some cheese and bread onto our plates and settle down in front of the TV for the game! It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already, where friend hates friend and the Devils play the Sabres. Join us for some woolgathering and open threading, will you?


— At the outset of the game, we get the screen graphic showing us the Devils’ paltry lineup. It is hilariously three full lines, and then centered in the middle of the screen, surrounded by a sea of empty redness, is just “Mair”. Good luck and godspeed, Mairsy.

— Oh, and ew, Gel-O. Sigh. Like Devils/Sabres isn’t bad enough on its own.

— Two power plays in, we’re comfortable saying all the Devils (yes, all six of them) are fired.

— Late in the first period, Travis gets a penalty for taking Kaleta down in front of the benches, and the replay leaves us incensed. We have been hockey fans long enough to stop hoping that diving divers will eventually get theirs (they never do), but we can still hope that diving diver head-butters will.


— It seems, in the early going, that neither team is looking particularly hungry coming out of the intermission. Meanwhile, Chico is starting to expound on the Pominville/Hjarmawhateversson hit, and we know better not to listen to whatever it is he’s going to say. We focus doggedly on our cheese, and when we tune back into the game, Gel-O is talking about the play. Whew. Dodged a bullet.

— The Sabres get their first sustained pressure about five minutes into the period, and for a moment it looks like Taormina is trying to deflect a Buffalo shot into his own net. However, the puck stays out, thereby proving that Taormina is not a real Devil yet. Real Devils score there.

— Midway through the period we get a little video snippet of Zach’s batting practice with the Twins this past summer. He is in full sparkling-smile “DING!” mode in the video. Chico tells us, as we watch Zach beaming and laughing and being his most effortlessly The Cute One, that when asked about his experiences as a ballplayer in his youth, Zach chortled that he was “more of a contact hitter” than a slugger. Ohoho! He’s so dreamy.

— Pookie makes this amazing realization shortly after the Zach video: when you space out a bit when he’s prattling over the play about all the simple things the Devils need to do in order to become winners, Chico sounds an awful lot like Phyllis on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

— In the first period the Devils seemed inclined to shoot the puck whenever they were in the offensive zone. In this period, on the rare occasions when they’ve had the puck, the Devils have opted to pass. And all of those passes have been broken up. Is this the Adam Oates Effect? Should the Devils not have one of the all-time great passers encouraging their offensive development? Is it just giving them all bad ideas?

— On the last shift of the period the ZZ Chuckles line gets some pressure in the Buffalo zone, but it peters out when Travis turns the puck over on a backhand pass off the boards directly to a waiting Sabre. We have this exchange about the play:
Schnookie: “That’s the second time he’s done that today.”
Pookie: “He’s all thrown off because he got head-butted.”
Schnookie: “Yeah, he probably has an inner ear problem.”
Pookie: “It’s his old war wound. It acts up around fucking pussy divers.”

— We get an interview at the end of the period with Taormina. It prompts this exchange:
Pookie, who keeps exclaiming that everyone involved in this game looks like Karel Rachunek: “He doesn’t look like Rachunek.”
Schnookie: “He looks like Tim!”
Pookie: “Well, I’ve never seen Tim and Taormina in the same place.”


— Things are continuing at their torrid pace when, after a whistle, Tallinder trips over his own feet and falls over. The crowd gives him a good-natured jeer, and from our vantage point, it looks like he gets up laughing. Heather will be pleased to know that he’s growing on us, despite his history of — ahem — having inappropriate chemistry.

— Creeping up on the midway point of the third, we go to commercial break. Pookie takes this opportunity to pull her hair back into a ponytail, and when she’s done she notices a hair has fallen out in her hand. “Oh no,” she laments, “One of my gray hairs.” Pause. “This game is so boring that…”

— Some zero-zero ties are the kind that Doc and Chico talk about at every single opportunity for the end of time, the kind that result in legendary halved and autographed game pucks, the kind that make you argue that goals aren’t the only exciting thing in hockey. And others are like this one.


— WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! And some zero-zero ties end in 1-0 OT wins thanks to sassy Taormina’s work on the puck, then Chuckles finally kicking off the Chuckles Era with a little “fuck this shit” goal-scoring.

— This win came as such a surprise to us that it took us a good 10 minutes to remember that Chuckles didn’t just score a goal there…

October 7 2010

…he scored for a case of Chuckles.


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That the Devils are fifth overall? That they’re only two points behind the Penguins?! That they’re 8-2-0 in their last ten games?!? That they’re four points behind the league leaders with two or three fewer games played?!?! Wowza! The things you learn when you bother to check the standings before mid-March!

Other things that stood out as we marveled at the after-one-month standings:

— The Sharks have as many points as the Avs, but don’t seem to get any press for it. Must be everyone’s finally really learned their lesson when it comes to SJ.

— Schnookie’s been saying all along that the Rangers were going to do their usual coming out of the gate strong only to tail off starting in November. She’s a genius, that one.

— There are two teams that have identical records. One team’s coach is on the perpetual hot seat. The other is being lauded as a rejuvenated genius. Who are the teams? Why, the Flyers and the Sabres, of course. (Obviously, the situations and expectations of the two teams are wildly different, but it’s still noteworthy to us because everything we’ve heard around the water cooler [and by “heard around the water cooler” we mean “read on Puck Daddy”] suggested to us that the Sabres were tearing it up while the Flyers were having a disastrously slow start.)

— The Hurricanes are worse than the Leafs. Good thing we didn’t go on record picking the Canes for the Presidents Trophy.

— We did go on record picking the now-24th-overall Ducks. Are we chagrined? Hell no! Instead, we’re looking forward to the wild second-half that’s going to catapult Getzi and his compatriots to the top.

Yes, yes, Gentle Reader, we know. Looking at the standings this early is a foolish exercise, but… watch out for those Ducks.

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We spent this afternoon doing some serious gardening, transplanting tomato seedlings and taking the straw off the garlic beds. This can only mean one thing — the playoffs are right around the corner! OK, it can also mean one other thing — we’re still in winter-garden shape and are now exhausted. So no diary tonight! Instead, join us for an open thread for one of the last regular-season Saturday nights of hockey.

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Greetings, Gentle Reader! We regret to inform you there will be no formal diary for any of tonight’s games. After a week of diaries, we’re ready for a night off! However, we’ll be around offering some commentary and thoughts. First on the docket is Sabres-Hurricanes. Secondly, we’ll be cueing up Pens-Leafs on TiVo delay. We’re waiving our usual plea of “no spoilers!”, so comment to your heart’s content.

We’ll be updating this as we go along.

— It is no secret that we are nerds. So it was with much delight that we stumbled on this video on nhl.com:


Tom Preissing made a font joke! Not only that, but it was a font joke that Pookie has referenced twice (garnering no response, she’ll add) in the last two weeks while teaching the basics of Microsoft Word at work. How, we ask you, can we not love this guy! Courier New! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Friday nights are a no-diarizing zone for us, so instead of a blow-by-blow account of all our thoughts and hopes and dreams during the games we’re watching on TiVo delay, we’ll share with you instead a glancing overview of the things that flitted through our brains on a night of hockey.

We kicked things off tonight with the shocking discovery that our cable set-up is still screwy. It took us a good two months this summer of haggling with Comcast to get it up and running, and as we went to set up our recording of the Caps-Thrashers game ahead of time, we learned that we’re not getting the Center Ice channels on our TiVo guide. So Pookie spent 45 minutes on the phone with our good friends at Comcast, affording Schnookie the opportunity to witness this brilliant, one-sided exchange: “I know that is not the correct explanation for why this isn’t working. I know you just made that answer up. [Pause] Are you just going to sit there in silence until I hang up? No. I don’t believe you. You’re making that up, and I want a better explanation. You’re doing it again! You’re just sitting there in silence until I hang up. [Pause. Then speaking to Schnookie] Oh. I’m on hold. Heh.”

We kicked things off with the Pens-Hurricanes game (Canes win, 4-1), and our thoughts on that were as follows:

— By far our favorite reveal of the Pens game came on a random, first-period shot of Maxie Talbot, who sloooowly turned to the camera to reveal… A Randito Bandito! Sweet!

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