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So it begins! Tonight we have the two Conference Semi-Final series we’re not as excited for, Montreal-Philadelphia and Detroit-Colorado, but we’re going to be watching anyway. It’s not that far off that’ll we be sitting here wondering where the heck hockey went, so here we are. We’ll be bringing our “Around The Dial” hockey observationalysis (as opposed to analysis, which, as you know, Gentle Reader, isn’t really our strong suit).

— Not surprisingly we opt to watch this on CBC on the satellite rather than in HD on Philly’s Comcast on the cable. We figure fewer Tastykake references is undeniably sad, but it’s a fair trade-off for no Bill Clement. Moreover, Pookie has yet to see Sid’s Gatorade commercial. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

— Philly scores first. Did we cheer? [Sly smile] We’ll never tell!

— Jim Dowd scores for a case of Surf Tacos and Jersey Mike’s subs! (Being a South Jersey guy he rejected the Tastykakes in favor of something closer to home.)

— The first period ends and we’re left with the impression that this is a classic “Game 1” in that it won’t be at all indicative of what the series will have to offer.

— We stick around on CBC for a few minutes and are rewarded with Sid’s Gatorade commercial. “It’s science… Look it up.” Uh… We’ll just take your words for it. While waiting for that little gem of Sid’s March Towards Global Advertising Domination we are treated to an ad for Toronto FC.

Pookie: Who, one wonders, does the Toronto football club play?
Boomer: Ottawa?
Schnookie: The Harlem Globetrotters?

— We have no stomach for Coach’s Corner (glorifying racism, sexism, and jingoism isn’t really our speed; why does Don Cherry still have a job?!) so we flip over to VS. At the mere sight of the Colorado Avalanche Schnookie launches into full-on rant mode only to be brought up short: “For God’s sake, I’m cheering for Detroit! The Avs are so despicable! I hate them so mu — Oh! Look! The games are staggered! How delightful!” The Playoffs are all about the ups and downs, aren’t they, Gentle Reader?

— As we watch the Red Wings on a first-period power play, the following exchange occurs in the living room of stately IPB Manor:

Boomer: “Who are we cheering for in this one?”
Schnookie, aghast: “Who are we cheering for???”
Pookie: “We’re cheering for the team that doesn’t have Ryan Smyth.”
Schnookie: “We’re cheering for the team that doesn’t have Peter Forsberg.”
Pookie: “I keep forgetting about Forsberg.”
Schnookie: “NEVER. FORGET.”
Boomer, distressed: “So we’re cheering for Rafalski?”

Yeah, the 2008 playoffs are the times that try a fan’s soul.

— We’ve hit the second period doldrums. Instead of watching we’re cleaning out hundreds of old order confirmations from our Yahoo inboxes and waving a laser beam around for Matsui The Cat to chase. Sigh.

— No sooner do we say this than the Habs score but a high stick leads to a lengthy review. Nothing will grab one’s attention away from months-old email order confirmations more than a lengthy goal review!

— We switch, during intermission, to the Detroit-Colorado game. It’s 4-2. We’re watching the wrong game, aren’t we?

— We get so wrapped up in the end of the Detroit-Colorado period that we miss the 3rd Flyers goal. We have no idea who’s the proud recipient of case of Tastykake/Surf Taco (Tastytako?).

— With 2 minutes left in the Habs/Flyers tilt, things get interesting! Montreal starts buzzing, then Richards trips Kovalev to put the Hab on the man advantage for the final minute. Meanwhile, a fan douses Richards with a beer. Where’s Tie Domi when you need him? (And no, we never thought we’d say that.) Between Jeff Carter getting hit with a beer bottle and Mike Richards getting hit with the contents of a beer bottle, we’re wondering if the bad karma of the Flyers organization is coming back to bite their nicer, more talented players in the form of unsavory hockey fans’ version of the old pie-in-the-face trick.

— Talk about interesting, Kovalev ties it up. Hey, on a night when there are no late games, we’re all about OT!


— The Detroit game ends with a bang, with Osgood making a killer stop to save the game. We didn’t pay attention to much of this game, but the Tra-La-La-FeelingsBits emanating from our TV suggest this game was very indicative of the series as a whole. We cackle gleefully when we hear Edzo pointed out that Forsberg didn’t dress.

— Like true professionals we flip back to the OT aaaaannnndddd… We’ve missed the winning goal. Kostopoulos scores less than a minute in.

— Are we sad the Flyers lost? [Sad smile] Look at that hobo!

— Now, bring on the series we do care about! Go Pens! Go Stars!


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