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And so it’s time to begin the first in our Game Diary Marathon ’07, a bacchanal of sitting on our asses, drinking cocktails, and watching hockey with stately IPB Manor’s Official Game Diary Marathon ’07 Houseguest, the inestimable CapsChick. First up is the Canadiens and the Senators, and we’re picking up the Hockey Night In Canada feed. With Moscow Mule in hand, let’s sit back, relax, and let the hockey wash over us in waves.

We are astonished during the intro when Ron MacLean tells us PJ Stock is one of the in-studio analysts. Seriously? The PJ Stock? They kick us out to the play-by-play guys, then when we come back to HNIC Central, there’s the man himself. Pookie: “CapsChick, you are no longer not the smartest lightbulb in the room.”

We are not thrilled that the storyline for our Anglo-Canadian-centric feed today is that Spezza’s still out; Schnookie puts it best when she sighs disappointedly, “Jason Spezza is literally the only thing I like about the Senators.” CapsChick, though, is excited to be seeing the Habs on our big screen – they’re her secondary team, and she’s normally stuck watching them on her laptop.


19:43 We make CC’s day by proving we like twice as many Habs as we like Sens, since we like Higgins and Komisarek. They’re both Long Island boys, and while we we’re both true-blue Jersey girls now, we did spend much of our formative childhood years on the Island. So we’re, like, soulmates with those guys.


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Katebits wrote a fantastic piece over at The Willful Caboose about how she intends to just enjoy hockey, focusing on the bright and beautiful and not getting dragged down by the dull and dullardly. In that spirit we’d love to write a glowing post about the joy and wonder of watching the Devils play their third game of the season. So here’s a list of things that were joyful and wonderful about today’s game:

1. Zach Parise
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there is no ceiling on this kid. There was a bit of fretting when he was taken off the top line, separated from Zajac and Gionta the minute things looked hairy for NJ. Even Zach looked a little perturbed by this — until it became clear that Sutter’s game plan was to skate him as many minutes as were humanly possible, banking on the idea that Parise’s hard work and tenacity would be infectious. They were, sparking Asham to score and Pando to get his best offensive chance in about, oh, ten years.

2. Just kidding! There is no two!

In the spirit of fairness, and in the interest of stating the obvious, here’s a list of things that sucked about today:

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