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Whew. It’s not often that a massively hyped weather event lives up to its press, but damn, Hurricane Sandy was a beast. We’re nowhere near the Shore, thank goodness, but even so we were right in Sandy’s path. But despite the lashing rain and terrifying winds, somehow stately IPB Manor remained unscathed. Many of our neighbors suffered damage from entire trees toppling onto their houses or cars, or from basement flooding, but we had none of that. Well, we shouldn’t say none. We did lose one tree:

The Fallen Granny Smith

Of course, that was our Granny Smith tree, which was planted poorly and leaned at a hideous angle while growing all lopsided and horribly. We’ve spent the last few years trying to figure out how to justify tearing it out so we could put something nicer in its spot, so… thanks, Sandy.

Our final tally from the storm, so far, is three days off work, one unloved tree removed, three and a half days without power, and we learned how to use our generator and our camp stove. Not too bad. Of course, none of the businesses in our town are open yet, so the scorecard might go a bit more negative if we need groceries soon.


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